4°A go shopping in an independent bookshop and take a walk around Strasbourg.

Last Friday, 4°A took the tram to go to “Le Tigre” an independent book shop down town Strasbourg. Mr Deloras, the class’ French teacher, planned this school trip.

The class split up and half of us went into the book shop to choose and buy a comic with M. Deloras. Every pupil had a 25 euros budget! It was sometimes difficult to choose but the staff helped us.

The other half of the class walked around Strasbourg with Ms Keith (our history teacher) and Ms Colas (our English teacher). We saw historical buildings like the cathedral, some museums, the crow bridge, the Rohan palace and a house made of wood called the Kammerzell house.

Then, the other group also bought comics and the first group visited Strasbourg.

At the end, we walked back to school and we saw the former harbour and the new Malraux on the way.

Amany bought a comic called “Emma ou le rêve d’Absolu”, a love story.

Omar selected a manga called “Blue lock”, a story about football.

Mohammad bought a very famous manga called “One Piece”, it’s the story of a pirate.

Islam selected a comic called “Batman, the white knight generation”, about a duel between Batman and the Joker”.

Fouad chose a manga called “Demon slayer”, an action story. Lilou chose the same manga.

Marcela bought a novel called “L’histoire d’un fantôme”, it’s a science fiction novel.

Abdul Malik chose a manga called “Dead Game”, a thriller.

It was a really great morning! »